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Shutters by /// P A T R E N Z A

Using the best materials coupled with 13 years of plantation shutters supply and installation experience and comes with 5 years warranty and guarantee on materials and installation. From straight forward installation to complex shutters application we can deliver.

A peace of mind that we will get it right the first time. 

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We use the NORMAN brand for our shutters 

With almost half a century of excellence in crafting bespoke shutters 

Norman’s quality has made it famous in all window-covering markets around the


The largest worldwide shutter manufacturer, producing the world’s best- selling shutter – Woodlore.

The underlying concept in every Norman product is trouble-free design, vertically integrated manufacturing and enduring quality.

We are a authorised supplier and experienced (13 years) installer of NORMAN Products 


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Quality Products comes with Quality Service from us.

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